Fr Francis Leander Green

Born in Monmouthshire. Professed at Lambspring 11th April 1660. Sent on the English Mission in North Province. Stationed at Brindle where he died on 8th November 1704.

Fr Joseph Wilfrid Hutchinson

Born in Northumberland. Professed at Lambspring, 7th November 1679. Sent on the English Mission in North Province in 1697 and stationed in Lancashire. Was at Brindle from 1704 until his death on 24th August 1717.

Fr William (Denis) Huddleston

Was stationed in Lancashire at the time when Newhouse chapel and land were forfeited on 18th July 1718. On 21st September 1729 he read a renunciation of Roman Catholicism before the Bishop of Chester and later became Anglican rector of Newenden, Kent. The Bishop of Chester was Samuel Peploe who had been vicar of Preston. For a more detailed biography, click here.

Fr William Placid Naylor

Born at Scarisbrick, Lancashire. Professed at St. Lawrence's, Dieulouard, 1711. Cellarer. Sent on the English Mission in North Province. Was at Brindle from 1722(?)-69. Definitor of Province, 1733. Definitor of Regimen, 1737. Provincial of York, 1741-66. Cathedral Prior of Norwich, 1741; then of Durham, 1745; lastly of Canterbury, 1769. President-General, 1766 till his death at Dieulouard on 8th November 1772.

Fr Joseph Lawrence Hadley

Born in London, 1739. Son of John Hadley and his wife, Mary Clements. Educated at St Gregory’s. Professed at Douay, 25th March 1757. Sent on the English Mission in North Province, 1764, at Biddlestone 1764-7; Brindle 1767-1802. Retired in ill-health to Netherton; Sarnsfield, Hereford; and Liverpool where he died on 30th May 1805.

Fr James Alexius Pope

Born in Lancashire, 1755. Professed at St Lawrence’s, Dieulouard, 1776. Sent on the English Mission in North Province. Was at Beaufront 1788-93; Hesleyside 1793-7; St Mary’s Liverpool 1797-1802; Lawkland 1802; Brindle 1802-30. Retired to Southport where he died on 19th February 1837.

Fr Joseph Bede Smith

Born at Drax Abbey, Yorkshire, 1801. Educated at Ampleforth. Clothed at Ampleforth 22nd December 1818; professed 23rd December 1819. Ordained in minor orders 25th January 1818; sub-deacon 25th January 1819; deacon 10th June 1822; priest 11th July 1825. Sent on the Mission in the North Province to St Mary’s Liverpool 1827-9; Brindle 1829-74 where he died.

Fr John Idelphonsus Brown

Educated at Ampleforth. Prior St Gregory’s 1869-70. Worked several parishes inc St Peter's (Seel St., Liverpool), Brindle, Grassendale, Parbold. Died 10th February 1917, aged 81.

Fr Michael Wilfrid Brown

Born at Wigan, 6th July 1832. Educated at Ampleforth. Clothed at Ampleforth 16th November 1851; professed 20th November 1852. Ordained in minor orders 13th December 1851; sub-deacon 10th April 1854; deacon 6th June 1857; priest 3rd October 1858. Prefect of students 1858-66; Sub-prior 1866-74. Sent on Mission to St Anne’s Liverpool 1874; St Peter’s Liverpool 1874-7; Easingwold 1877-9; Birtley 1879-90; St Anne’s Liverpool 1880-4; Brindle 1884-1905 where he died. Cathedral Prior of Worcester 1901.

V Rev T Basil Feeny

Educated at Ampleforth. St Mary's, Workington, St Alban's, St Anne's (Liverpool) & Brindle (22 years). Died 24th October 1935 aged 87.

Fr G Elphege Hind

Warrington. Educated at Ampleforth. Superior in Oxford 1903-7. Served St Benedict's (Warrington), Merthyr Tydfil & Brindle. Died 16th July 1947 aged 72.

Fr Gerard Blackmore

Worked several parishes inc Warwick Bridge, Grassendale, St Mary's (Warrington), Knaresborough, Parbold & Brindle. Died 3rd June 1950 aged 68.

Fr Joseph Smith

Born 1886 at Halton, Lancs. Educated at Ampleforth. 1904 Habit at Belmont, 1905 Simple Vows (dispensed),1916 Tonsure & Minor Orders  Bishop Talcini of S Miniato dei Tedeschi, Subdiaconate, Diaconate, Priesthood (ordained by Bishop Talcini), 1918 returned to Ampleforth, 1919 Habit (Abbot Oswald Smith), 1920 Temporary Vows (3 years), 1923 Solemn Vows, 1928 Kirbymoorside, 1936 Procurator, 1940 Parish Priest at Maryport, 1950 St Joseph's Brindle, 1962 Assistant at Brindle, 1971 (24 Dec) died (aged 85), 30 Dec buried at Brindle.

Fr Anthony Spiller

Educated at Ampleforth. Prep school 1929-41. Cardiff, Bamber Bridge, Knaresborough, Abergavenny & Brindle. Died 5th March 1974 aged 74.

Fr Wilfrid Thomas Loughlin

Born 1911. Procurator. St Louis (Missouri), Bamber Bridge & Brindle. Died 3rd June 1994 aged 83.

Fr Geoffrey Lynch

Born in New Brighton September 1926; educated at Ampleforth College (St Dunstan’s); Clothed 19 September 1948; Ordained 21 July 1957; 1957-67 Assistant Housemaster, Junior House; 1968-94 and 1999-2002 Secretary to the Abbot – served four Abbots (Hume, Griffifths, Barry & Wright); 1968-83 Assistant Priest at St John’s, Easingwold; 1976-83 Novice Master; 1977-83 Chairman of Benedictine Novice Masters; 1980-2001 Secretary to Union of Monastic Superiors; 1983-87 Warden of the Grange; 1987-94 Prior of St Bede’s Pastoral Centre, York; 1987-94 Chaplain to York CMAC (Marriage Care); 1994-99 Parish Priest St Joseph’s, Brindle; 1999-2002 Monastic Bursar; 1999-2006 Parish Priest, Our Lady and the Holy Angels, Gilling East; died at Ampleforth 8th February 2013 aged 86.

Fr Aelred Burrows

Born in Warrington in July 1939. Educated at the Xaverian College in Manchester. Joined the monastic community at Ampleforth in 1965. Ordained 1968. In the school, he taught History and Religious Studies and was Housemaster in St Hugh’s House from 1976-1984. In the monastery, he taught Church History, Liturgy and Sacred Scripture. Novicemaster (1984-1989) and then Warden of the Grange and Vocations Director (1989-1996). Moved onto parish work in 1996 and worked in Grassendale and Brindle. Returned to Ampleforth in 2008 & died peacefully in the monastery infirmary on 18th February 2016, aged 76.

Fr Raphael Jones